Cooling Embers…

We’re living in an hour where the hearts of many believers have been growing colder and more distant from the God they once loved and passionately pursued. The cares of life and the deceitfulness of this world come in with a vengeance; seducing Gods children away to dance with other lovers. The heart of the Lord grieves over this as He watches those who once embraced Him, falling prey to the temptations of the god of this world. These lovers of God don’t blatantly walk away from Jesus; rather it’s a gradual cooling of the flame of the Spirit of God in their lives, a cooling of the embers within us..It’s what Jesus called being lukewarm.
Believers in Jesus Christ are called to be marked and set apart by a vibrant life full of the Holy Spirit and power. It’s through the gradual decline of desire for the Kingdom of God that takes place, being replaced by the desires for this world that the Presence of the Holy Spirit diminishes within us and we find ourselves in a condition most refer to as being backslidden. Sometimes we think of a backslidden heart as someone who’s mingling in an ungodly relationship or participating in things that are not appropriate for believers but truly being backslidden begins long before these outward evidences are seen. Backsliding is a result of someone’s heart, who little by little allowed this world to seduce them away from wholehearted devotion to Jesus..
In the days of the Apostles, their burden was not easy to carry. Many of the Apostles noted their fear and heartache for the church’s well being in light of the temptations of Satan and deceptions of false doctrines in this present world. Their desire was to present to God a chaste virgin; a church filled with the love of God and those who pleased the heart of the Father with their willingness to be His worshippers, His children and His beautiful new creation in Christ. These men of God made it very clear that their mission was not just to reach a lost world but to prepare a Bride who had been called by God to be set apart as His own special people.
These amazing men of God laid the foundation of truth for all who would believe in Jesus as the Son of God. The Father Himself calls Jesus the Cornerstone and the apostles and prophets, the foundation, upon which this great church would be built upon. These men of God admonished believers to stay full of the Holy Spirit, to hold fast to the head, who is Jesus. They beckoned the believer to live a life pleasing to God by His grace, to offer up the sacrifice of praise and to come into the fullness of who Jesus is in them: knowing the love of Christ that passes understanding. Their words were full of not legalism, but safety. Today many want to cast aside all exhortation given within scripture to live a separated life to God because it’s too difficult to be different than this world. There’s a cost to being full of the Holy Spirit. The gift is free by the grace of a loving God who desires us to make the choice to serve Him in our liberty, but to maintain that fullness requires an action within our lives of consecration, sanctification and submission to the Father’s will. It grieves me so deeply when I see a people raising up who want all of the benefits of their salvation without bearing any responsibility upon themselves to obey the Lord’s will for their lives. We were bought with the high price of Jesus’ shed blood, so we also, are not our own anymore and should seek to glorify God in all we do, in body and in spirit; to present ourselves truly as living, beautiful sacrifices unto God, which to HIM, is a sweet smelling aroma.
The very heart of our ministry is as the name describes “Midnight Oil Ministries”. We have been called by the Lord to stir up the fire of God again within those who have grown comfortable in Zion, to bring forth growth into the lives of those who’ve been faithful but unequipped and to encourage everyone, adult and child alike, to seek the Lord and come closer to Him in this hour of trial. Our passion is Jesus Christ and Him living big within those who He died for. It matters what you do with your life as a believer. It matters to God how you’re using your talents and how close to Him you’re drawing. He loves you, He loves all of those who have ever lived, are living or ever will live and that my friend is the reason why He has not returned yet. He’s waiting for His Bride to realize the hour that we live in and rise up to a mature man/woman in Christ. Everything our Father does, He does with you’re best interests in His heart! His heart is to hide you, to shield and protect you as His child, so if you’ve cooled in your walk with Him, and aren’t as diligent to know Him as you once were, come before Him now and submit yourself to Him, knowing He loves and adores you and He will come and kindle fresh the fire of His Spirit within your life again. Shalom in our Jesus. Amen.

1 thought on “Cooling Embers…

  1. Janet Bennett

    So true,many have grown cold to the things of God.I had this dream,where i was in this room & a person was sitting there so dull & unresponsive.So i went outside,there was snow on the ground & so cold.I thought OMG it is snow! I looked around & there was sunshine,spring& anice breeze.I knew right off what God was showing me.When I left that room then there was sunshine & spring.This came to me to share,Love you Janet.


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