At times, it’s really, really difficult to submit everything that’s in our hearts to God; even though we fully desire to. Willingly giving up our desires, dreams, and hopes, because we refuse to allow anything that’s not of Him into our lives. Sometimes it’s even His dreams for us that must lay at His feet until the appointed time for its fulfillment. That is one reason why we’ve been given the Holy Spirit. He’s the only capable partner to come beside us and strengthen/comfort us during those necessary moments in prayer, when we offer up our whole hearts to God, as a living sacrifice. 
I can’t tell you the times over the years, that I’ve had to kill a seed I’d allowed to grow, because it was simply too painful to let go of, but His grace was and is, always sufficient. 
The Lord is constantly teaching and instructing us through life’s lessons, using them to teach us His higher ways. One thing we can rest our hearts in is this; His heart is forever good towards us. We need to understand that when we yield our complete hearts to Him, then our whole heart will always prosper in His hands. What we hold back from Him, is where the enemy will take advantage of us and in the end, we’ll be at His feet once again in surrender, to gain restoration of an area of our hearts that was His to begin with. TRUST HIM even when it HURTS! ♥ I pray His Love and comfort over my beautiful family in Christ..Image

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