Don’t be in a hurry, wait upon the Lord!

Over the last few years I’ve watched people who were so in a hurry for physical intimacy, get into relationships that were not firstly based on being equally yoked spiritually. I’ve seen those same relationships hit road blocks where there was no longer love (or what they thought was love) moving between them and now they’re left with the decision to live as they are because it’s the right thing to do, or end it and call it a mistake.

I’ve not been involved with anyone in 9 years and this is exactly the reason why. I don’t need the flesh for the sake of flesh, because His power subdues any desire of the body when you’re filled with His Spirit, so the spirit is free to choose rightly and according to the Fathers will. A man is only led away and enticed by the desires of His own heart. Satan doesn’t plant, he only fishes out what’s already there. =0 The Holy Spirit’s power is available to wait upon God’s will and should be leaned upon in times of weakness or temptation to marry for the sake of sexual pleasure.

I know the Father is grieved when we make decisions based on physical needs, rather than on spiritual compatibility. Physical situations change and the glory of it is much more overrated than it should be. It’s two hearts, in love with Jesus first who have a fighting chance at a little bit of heaven on earth.. The unity of the Spirit between two individuals is of much more value than the sexual intimacy most people run after and are enticed with.

Two hearts joined by the sweet Spirit of a loving God, drawn together by His love, can hold one another with nothing sexual going on at all and be more satisfied and at peace with their relationship, than those who fulfill their fleshly desires alone and have nothing moving between them in Him.. Imagine how a Holy union with these two individuals would be! =)

Wait on the Lord, it takes a lot of prayer to be content with waiting because it sometimes get’s lonely, but if it’s been prayed about diligently, and the desire remains for a relationship that’s Holy, know that it’s also in the heart of your Father who knows our deepest needs and true desires.. It’ll be worth the wait, when you find love that’s inseparable because it’s bound together by the Spirit of a mighty, living God, who’s reward is resting safely n your arms.

Don’t make the mistake of being unequally yoked with an uncommitted believe, because they make your body react, because when the time comes and you’re completely miserable with them, your conscience won’t let you just say OOPS and walk away from a covenant that God ordained to be Holy, while theirs?
well.. Just look around and see it with your own eyes. ♥

Love and Blessings to all my single friends.. Our God is faithful and the one you’re waiting for will be too!

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