The Altitudes of Heaven

The Altitudes of Heaven

Being comfortable being you is such a wonderful place to arrive at in the Lord, but sometimes because of indoctrination, men’s opinions and stereotyped christianity passed down through the generations, it can be difficult to attain, but it’s far from impossible with Jesus on your side. I’m not speaking of simply being comfortable with your physical appearance, which this includes, but more so, being comfortable with the calling, gifts, anointing, position, and the passion the Lord has placed inside of you.

In American culture we tend to believe that if one possesses an anointing, then surely that one must be placed in a visual position for all to see, when in fact, Jesus Himself did not seek this outward, famed, exposure to the masses. Many times Jesus would tell someone to go and tell no one what happened to them, even after a notable miracle had been done by Him. I often wonder if this same concealment of the miraculous works of God through us, could be contained with such meekness in the heart of the modern-day Christian. Jesus wasn’t a fan of drawing attention to Himself, His purposed heart sought to draw attention to His Father alone as He went about doing His will. His destiny and calling held a cleverly devised plan against the wicked one, whose works Jesus ultimately came to destroy. It wasn’t the outward works He did that was His primary mission in the earth, but a dethroning of the unrighteous spirit that brought death and destruction into the earth and caused judgement to loom over the souls of men.

Although Jesus’ ministry took Him before many people, even earthly kings, after all He was the Son of God; His ultimate goal was to win a war being waged at the altitude of heaven. He was engaging in a battle that could only be won by His oneness with the Father, His obedience to what was written of Him and His ultimate sacrifice for sins. His death on the cross was a spiritual weapon which would finally, once and for all, make a way for others to access a lost relationship with the Father through His own blood, by bringing oneness between the heart of man-kind and the heart of their God. Forgiveness was released into our hearts by faith and His Spirit was poured out upon us richly so we too, could have a relationship with the Father as Jesus had with Him. Jesus prayed that this unity between believers and their creator would soon be realized as He obeyed His heavenly mission.

We want to teach people to do, and to do a lot, to busy themselves with good works, rather than teaching them to become one with the heart of the Lord first and to do His will and His will alone. This will obviously result in good works, but it will be the kind of good works that are led by the Fathers right hand. We are all called to this very life in the Spirit, even as our great Shepherd Jesus was and left to us (His sheep) a great example for us to follow. We don’t have an assignment to be crucified for others sins, only Jesus could have accomplished such a task and won the war against Satan himself, but we do have an assignment to reveal the very wisdom of God to the Principalities of the current age and reap the souls of men.

The church will never rise to her assignment and possess her full inheritance, as long as the Holy Spirit is not the one guiding the heart of man into the works of God. We’ve tried doing, and doing, and doing, what we believe we should be, but we’ve failed to see the right hand of God working among us in many ways, simply because we’ve followed our own hearts, our own thinking and devised our own plans of action. I’ve been there; I know how this mindset hinders and quenches the Spirit of God, inside of others.

The wisdom of God is so far more, exceedingly, wiser than any plan that man could ever conceive. With one-act of obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, a City can be reached with the gospel. Obedience to the voice of the Lord alone is what brings the anointing and the power to manifest the miraculous works of God. Salvation is a miraculous work of God by the way.

It’s very difficult to sit on a dream or passion, and wait patiently upon the instructions of your Shepherd among the push of the doers, who do apart from His voice, but it’s so much more wearisome to go about doing what we think we should be, instead of what He’s spoken to us that we should. There is no grace apart from obedience to His voice. If any man serve, let him do it out of the strength that God provides, that in all things, HE may be glorified.

I’m not in any way saying that people aren’t hearing His voice today and obeying it with great victories being won against our adversary, what I’m saying is the focus of our teaching and discipleship needs to be to bring the Sheep into a hearing relationship with the Shepherd, so that whatever it is they are called to do, whether great in the sight of men or hidden from men, but great in the sight of God, would be an effective tool to reveal Gods wisdom to our enemies and His love to a dying world.

The Lord loves humanity so much that He would raise you up, fill you with power and give you an obedient heart just to reach your neighbor, your co-worker, your children, your children’s children, your boss, or anyone who comes in contact with your everyday life. He wants you to be filled with faith and the power of the Holy Spirit, even as Stephen was, whose only notable responsibility was to help the widows that were among the believers at that time, but God used Him powerfully and exalted him and honored him, by suffering death at the hands of his persecutors, yet Jesus Himself, rose up from His throne in heaven and stood to honor this humble table server; heaven took notice of the ANOINTING that Stephen was so generously endowed with, His heart of obedience and His pure love for the Lord. He did not even consider his lowly position of being JUST a table server, as anything less than an honor from God in spite of his great endowment of power from the Father.

The amount of oil you carry is a gift from God, but it doesn’t mean it will take you to stadiums, conventions, conferences or anything like it. It may just take you to a small group of believers who the Lord loves, or it may just take you to your own family and friends, or it may just take you to your work place or school, because the Father doesn’t endow with power or equip His Saints for His works like the mainstream church thinks He does at times, to package and sell His sweet Spirit for the sake of earthly gain, recognition or the exaltation of men, He endows His power upon the faithful heart, to reveal His love to others.

Don’t be pressured to follow the cleverly devised plans of those who move independently of the Holy Spirit. Watch yourselves that you’re not fooled by fleshly gimmicks, allurements and the swelling promises made of greatness in the sight of men, and go against what the Holy Spirit has spoken to your heart. It’s obedience that the Father is looking for and faithfulness in the face of possibly never being recognized by anyone, though you raise the dead. He’s no respecter of persons; there is no capitalizing on the anointing that Jesus died to give all of His people, it’s freely available to whosoever will. Jesus says, “Come, buy from me, gold refined in the fire, that you may become rich” There’s only you and your heart standing before the throne of God and the willingness you possess to be greatly endowed with power from on high, to reach only one if necessary.

I encourage you to find the heart of God for your own life and be comfortable being who you are in Him, as you move under the grace He’s richly poured out for the works He’s called YOU to do. When your heart is open to Him, His voice will be heard inside of your own spirit as well as others He may speak through, but rest assured, you have the right to follow Jesus wherever you see Him go in your life. Blessings and peace and the grace of our God rest upon your heart and any confusion that Satan would use to lure your heart away from the simplicity of Jesus Christ. He is sufficient for you and will lead your heart as you seek His face. And always remember that your simply anointed life, is wrecking havoc in the altitudes of heaven. =) Go low in Christ, abide in His love and will for you, and He’ll raise you to fight!

Jesus humbled Himself and became a man, died a death on a cross He didn’t deserve for sins He didn’t commit, and through His obedience, He was raised to life by the Glory of the Father to sit at His right hand forevermore, having taken back the keys of death, hell and the grave from the devil. We who are in Christ, are also seated with Him in heavenly places, far above all principalities, powers of darkness and ruling demons. REJOICE IN HIS VICTORY AND ENJOY BEING WHO YOU ARE IN HIM! We are MORE THAN CONQUERORS..

Pamela Halstead

Midnight Oil Ministries

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