What is Ministry according to Jesus?


This is a small portion of what was shared in a recent gathering we had. The Lord’s heart was very evident and His Presence rich. I pray you have ears to hear His Spirit and that freedom comes to your mind and heart concerning what Jesus calls ministry. =) Love and Blessings to you all.

According to Jesus, ministry has little and nothing to do with selling books, building expensive, excessive buildings to house masses of people, powerless programs and productions, promotions and the pride of men, titles of importance, qualifications and accomplishments being met according to the doctrines of men, expensive conferences that exclude certain social groups because of costs, plaques on the wall, or any other created thing that has been added by man to the gospel message and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Ministry according to Jesus is birthed in the heart of the believer by the Spirit of the Lord. It’s the outflow of love from an inward Eternal River that the Lord Himself puts within the belly of all who come to Him.

One particular day the disciples were walking with Jesus to Capernaum, and on this walk the disciples began to question among themselves who would be the greatest in the Kingdom; this mindset is rampant among believers in the West. Jesus knew their thoughts but didn’t immediately speak to them about this. When they arrived at their destiny Jesus used these words to question them “What were you discussing along the way?” This quickly convicted their heart’s, so much so that they all remained silent; they knew exactly what He was inquiring about; which one of them would be greater?
So, sitting down, Jesus called the twelve to Him and said “If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all” Then He took a child and set him before those men and began to unveil the spirit of true ministry that the Father accepts and rewards, saying “whoever receives one child like this in My name, receives me; and whoever receives me, does not receive me, but Him who sent me” This was a beautiful example of ministry that’s flowing from a heart of love. Regardless if anyone ever see’s or recognizes what we’ve done for others, the Father Himself see’s and rewards us accordingly. This is successful ministry. (Referenced from Mark 9:33-37 NASB)

This same carnal mentality that Jesus addressed in His disciples can be found among many believers (ministries) today. The fight to be the biggest, most popular church with the greatest worship team rests heavy upon the heart of the proud, but the thought of a lifetime of service to just a few of His little ones, makes one feel as if they’ve failed in “ministry” after all, ministry (according to western tradition) is meant to be ‘BIG’ right? This is the anti-christ programming that we’ve received in this Nation that is according to the thoughts of men, but not according to Christ. Let no man take your crown. Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Jesus.. Get big out of your heart and let love into it; ministry is whatever you do for someone else (by many or by few) out of HIS love that you yourself have received, and obedience to the leading of His Spirit. Not one cup of water you give to another in His name will go unnoticed or unrewarded by the Father.

It’s incredibly sad that we’ve been so indoctrinated with carnal wisdom and filled with thoughts that are prevalent in the heart of prideful man, but remain non-existent in the heart of the Lord concerning what we’ve been traditionally exposed to and what’s been called ministry. He see’s our labor of love, not our mass production and assembly line Christianity. Having a significant anointing does not mean that it’s meant for the masses or for ‘BIG MINISTRY” or for writing books and going to Nations; anointing is simply the part of Jesus (His grace) He’s given to you to bless others with. All you have to do is listen to His voice and follow His lead to release it in and around you. Even if He never leads you anywhere that masses will see how richly endowed with His fragrance you are, you will by no means lose your reward, what you pour out on others, is what you’re pouring out upon Him. When you minister to someone else from a heart of love, you minister to Jesus. Don’t be held back because no one see’s you, just obey the Spirit of the Lord and bless those whom He leads you to and know that you’re being seen by the hosts of heaven and pleasing the Father with your love offering. Prophesy, preach, cast out devils, heal the sick and love the people God brings your way. Don’t wait for a church/pastor/leader to invite you to do it; Jesus invited you to go for Him as a witness and to bless others with what you’ve received.

We have seen very little of what the Father desires for His people to release and for the world to see, because we’ve been programmed to believe another gospel, which is not another as the word says, but it’s been perverted throughout generations by the enemies lies and trickery. We need to agree with the mind of Christ to see the fullness of who He is released upon the earth through the church.

If being the most sought after evangelist or minister sends a surge of pride and acceptance into the heart, but to walk away from a meeting with no offering at all, (freely receive, and freely giving) makes one feel less than some of the more popular ministers, according to the flesh, we don’t have the mind of Christ. This should not be, even the Apostle Paul poured out the fragrance of Christ upon those who needed him because of His passionate love for Jesus, not for his need to be popular, recognized or affirmed by man by receiving great offerings and pats on the back; his allegiance was to the Lamb alone and from the Lamb he looked for the reward of his labors.

If being the most well known prophet or author who’s works are recognized world wide is the goal and it gives a sense of great accomplishment, but to sit at His feet, hear His voice speaking great secrets of the Kingdom and then be told to keep the vision sealed for a time would send a chill of “no one will know how great I am” racing across most our minds, we don’t have the mind of Christ. When we long to shout out how much revelation we’ve received so others will recognize our importance, we don’t have the mind of Christ. Did Jesus teach us to be the most recognized among men or to build great ministries this way? Did He teach us that it’s necessary to add Dr. or any other title before our names so that people will recognize our vast knowledge and expertise and then those who appear less than us will not be received because of their supposed lack of accomplishments? Is it a Dr. so and so or Prophet so and so, that someone needs to taste the Kingdom of God, or is it a believer filled with the fire of His Presence? Is this what Jesus taught His disciples? Is it?

What questions do you think that Jesus would sit down and ask us if He were here in His earthly ministry today? Jesus has not changed and will not change His definition of greatness in ministry and in the Kingdom to accommodate a power hungry society. Some of the most accepted and beloved ministers of the gospel will never hear their names mentioned among the masses but the testimony and mention of their names in heaven is spoken before the Angels of God. Think of that!

Never let this world’s thoughts be the measuring line that you use to determine greatness before God nor allow it to influence the way success in ministry is defined in your heart. If the definition is not according to Christ and His words, then it’s a worldly and demonically influenced knowledge that should be treated as such. We minister out of our love for Jesus; we give to others out of our love for them, because of Jesus’ love flowing through us. We don’t minister to gain a great name or to be made great in the eyes of men. Our ministry goal should be seeing our savior reap the benefits of His suffering and to gain our reward from Him alone.

We may be blessed by offerings given out of love to us for our temporal support (a workman is worthy of his hire) or by an expansion in ministry spheres granted to us by the Lord, or by the privilege of authoring books birthed out of the heart of God, but we don’t measure our success or greatness by these things, we measure success and greatness by our humble service of others as we serve the Lord Jesus from a pure heart. Whether its by one or many that we’re called to bless and love, great ministry before God is as Jesus said, loving the one and being a servant of all. Jesus taught us that to truly be His servant we must become as He was, a servant. He gave us a clear example of His heart when He washed the disciples’ feet and told them to do likewise. This is greatness in ministry and this is the ministry that the Father receives. It doesn’t matter how big it is, how great of a name it has. (Revelation 3:1-6), if it’s not steeped in the Spirit of Christ (humility) it’s just another production of man that will carry with it, very little eternal result or reward. Amen! Jesus has not changed nor has His teaching changed. He not only told His Apostles to make disciples of the Nations, He also told them to teach these new disciples ALL that He commanded them… And this we must do and obey if we desire to see our Father’s Presence, richly dwelling among His people again. Humble yourself and HE will exalt you, exalt yourself, and HE will humble you. Keys of the Kingdom, AMEN!

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