The vision the Lord released to me.

538877_415118545174228_111411978878221_1570707_629311073_n I’m sharing this as some have asked me about it and I believe it’s time to make it known more publicly. Where to begin; there are so many things that could be shared about my life and walk with the Lord but I’ll try and focus my attention on the vision that the Lord gave to me several years ago concerning my calling and future. This actually began about 8 or more years ago I’d say. I began to have a deep desire to obtain a piece of property where people who had a desire to be discipled and released into their callings could come and temporarily live. I knew the Lord wanted me to teach them about the things the Holy Spirit has taught me over the years concerning Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

At the time the vision came to my spirit, I owned my own home, had a decent income, good credit and good health, it wasn’t incredible difficult for me to see how this could come to pass with Gods help so my faith was engaged and my heart excited. I had the energy, desire, love for people and vitality to do whatever it was the Lord wanted from me, my life was His.

One day as I was at work, a friend whom I’d not spoken with in some time called me to tell me a dream that she’d had that prior evening. She was someone who walked in a lot of faith and gifting but had grown a little cold in her walk with the Lord. She began to share with me how in the dream I was on property somewhere. She said there was ministry going on all over this land. She said also said that it didn’t look like and named a possible place for this to happen, (which is where I live now). She said there were worshipers getting prepared to go onto a platform of an outdoor amphitheater type setting. She said that the Spirit of the Lord was very present in that place and amazing things were happening.

She continued to tell me that a mobile home was being brought onto the property for my mother to live in, so I assumed it would be a place where we resided as well as carried on ministry. As she spoke this vision to me, she was speaking in tongues and being completely filled with the Spirit of God. She said she’d not felt that in a long while. At the end of the dream, she said she looked at me and said ‘Pam, how did you do this?” I know now that the answer of the question will always and forever be “ I didn’t do it, Jesus did” I bore witness to the dream that it was from the Lord. There’s no possible way that I can go into the multitudes of things I’ve experienced since this word was given, nor the warfare that’s come because of it. I know that when this comes, it will be nothing less than a miraculous work of the Spirit of God.

A couple of years after this dream was delivered to me, the Lord spoke to me and said I’m going to send you a raven. I thought to myself “what does this mean?” I had no idea what the Lord meant by that as I’d sort of just kept the vision in prayer and not pursued fulfilling it on my own. I lacked the wisdom in myself to move forward.

In between the time I received the vision and the Lord spoke to me about the raven, we left the building our ministry was located in and I moved to the property I’m currently on. We moved by the Lords instructions, our groups agreement that it was the will of God and by a clear open door being revealed. We began as a group to have regular meetings in my house as we waited for more instruction concerning this vision. The Lord never failed to manifest His glory and show us wondrous things, teaching us powerful truths contained in the word of God that many never get taught in secular, corporate run churches. We’ve learned about the Kingdom of God and the power of Jesus’ resurrection.

During this two year period between the Lord speaking about this vision from an outside source, we went through so many tough trials and tests as a group and myself personally, all the while I remained faithful to minister to His people. The company I worked for (that the Lord opened) folded during the recession, I lost my income, I lost my credit and because of the heavy burdens of myself and others that I carried as a single woman, I lost my health. I had some incredibly scary times as I stayed before the Lord to regain the health I’d once known. Many times I didn’t think I was going to live, let alone fulfill the vision the Lord set in my heart. Everything that could be shaken and tested, was. Satan used everything he had to discourage, break, destroy, crush and defeat us all, but the Lord was always there to strengthen us along the way and lift us up as we humbled ourselves before Him.

After all of the hardship, breaking, molding and equipping we went through, mixed with incredible outpourings of miracles and revelation, the confusion I had kept me on my face before God on a continual basis. I struggled with the misconception of religion that says when you’re in Gods will; everything is peaceful, even though you don’t see this in the word of God at all. I had to learn the difference between truth that is actually truth from Gods word, and truth that has been handed to us on a golden platter by the religious spirits of the Christian world. With much tribulation we enter the Kingdom; we’re not above our Master.

So after this approximately two year period, the Lord spoke to me about sending me a raven. I was totally clueless what he meant by these words. I knew ravens fed Elijah, but I wasn’t sure what those words would look like for me. There are some interesting things that accompanied this but I’m not going to get into that now. I’ll probably touch on that at a later time when I have a more completely compiled written testimony.

Well, I heard of a man, a pastor from Texas who was coming to a church in Corning that I’d preach at from time to time and something inside me wanted to be there when he came. I usually don’t ever go anywhere unless I feel the Lord prompting me to do so, because I’m not into eating just anywhere; if Jesus isn’t the one doing the serving, I don’t want to sit at the table. So, I knew this quickening was from the Lord.

It seemed like months went by and I never heard anything more about this man coming, I’d throw the question out occasionally if anyone’s heard anything more about it but no one had. I’d actually forgot about it when the news came to me that he was coming and what dates he’d be there. By this time I’d lost all desire to even go because of the time that had passed.

We were at our normal Tuesday prayer meeting and in a time of worship the Lord showed my sister a vision of us sitting in the church this man was to be speaking at. We all concluded that we were to be in those meetings. However, we didn’t go that night, we decided to go the next night. When we got to the meeting at that small church, we went in and sat down. The worship began, the man did some teaching and then he began to minister by the gifts of the Spirit. At some point during that meeting, he looked at us and said he “I was bound in my spirit until you walked in the door” Apparently for the days prior to us going, he was unable to move in the Spirit or minister freely. He came to me and began to speak of the years prior in ministry for me and how the enemy had come to destroy what God was doing. He spoke of things the Lord would do that night that I’ve seen, one by one, ALL, come to pass and in the order they were spoken in. He ministered to others I know as well and with all of them; he spoke from the Spirit of truth.

I’m not someone who believes something just because someone cries ‘thus say’s the Lord” I am very discerning and not at all desiring to trust in lying words. The Lord knows me so well, and I’m thankful. This man he sent dripped with new wine and oil, his words were not just delivered with mans wisdom but came into my heart by the pen of the Spirit, writing deeply in my heart of the things the Lord was doing and going to do. I didn’t have to wonder or question if I’d heard from the Lord through this “raven” that He’d sent to feed me what I needed to hear. The Lord knew exactly what to do to make me understand what He was speaking to me was the truth.. but it gets even better.

The next evening we went again to the meeting. The prior evening, this man had said he was going to take his family up to the mountains to ski for the day, as he didn’t get that opportunity in the state he lived in. When we went there that night, mind you, this man didn’t know who I was or if I was even in ministry, He only knew what the Lord revealed to him about me.

He came to me during the worship service and stood in front of me, weeping, under the power of the Spirit and began to share with me how he’d taken his family to the mountain, but he himself could not ski because as he was there, the Lord took him into a vision about my call and ministry. He began to lay before me the exact vision, given to me two years earlier, only with much more detail. He said to me that upon this land God showed to him, I would rise up men of God that would pursue the Nations. He said that it would come to me debt free (All I’d known was debt lol) and that the title to the land would be given to me without any attachments. He detailed the land, what it would look like, what types of structures would be on it, he said there appeared to be a lake or pond on the property and the various ministry that would be there. He said to me “You must lead this” releasing a great responsibility into my hands. He was my raven.

I can’t even tell you how this word has been tested, to the point of me not even knowing if I wanted to do it anymore. I’ve been refined, purified, tested and tried to the point of despairing of life, but yet, here I am still being held by Jesus and the vision still written on my heart. I’m compelled with absolutely nothing in my hand to fulfill this on my own but trust in God. Day by day I wait upon the Lord, intercede, teach His people what He teaches me, love and labor the best way that I know how, but my spirit is there, in that vision, on that land, teaching Jesus to those who desire to be raised up and sent to their fields of ministry. This would be a place where man’s doctrines were destroyed and the doctrines of Christ embedded deeply into their hearts as they are deeply rooted in Christ.

As I said, there are so many miracles and signs I’ve seen the Lord do over the years. It’s been 4 years since that raven came and as I said, I’ve seen everything from the first night of ministry fulfilled in their order, the Lord knew that I’d have no reason to doubt that vision from the second night. How can I deny what’s written on my heart. I can’t erase it, walk away from it, act like it isn’t there because it’s a part of who I am and who He’s called me to be. The Lord has used these last years to define my gifting, increase my wisdom and the oil that I’m to carry to His people. Now I wait for the open door that will walk me into a new place of fulfillment. The time is now for change to come and doors to unlock as He leads us forward. I can’t base what He wants on what others are doing or have done, all I can do is trust Him day by day to make His will known along with the provision I’ll need to see it through. Please pray! God bless you..


2 thoughts on “The vision the Lord released to me.

  1. rg

    Thats amazing, you may not believe this but the word that has been given and the vision in my heart is very similar! To God be the Glory, I can certainly attest to the trials I have been thru every since the vision was planted… praying for and thanking God for those doors that opening for you, even at this very moment! Would love to hear when those doors open. I will b praying for u!


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