Waiting on a promise

So many times we receive a Word from the Lord and begin to put our thoughts and our own ideas on how it’s suppose to look, not understanding that God has a perfect plan when He speaks something into your life that He intends on doing. Heres my testimony of receiving a promise after a very long time of waiting. When I was first born again, that very year the Lord began speaking through a variety of people about me having children. One person went on to say that I would have a son and that he would be different from other children. I was 28 yrs.old the first time I received a Word from the Lord about this. I continued to thank Him for my children and even set up a room for a nursery during my waiting. I told people of Gods promise and that I was going to have children. I quoted scriptures and set my face like flint that I would bring forth a child. I felt like Hanna in the temple weeping, weeping and weeping for the emptiness I felt in my heart over the longing to be a mother. As the years passed and time went on, my heart became discouraged. There were those who thought me foolish for trusting and believing for so long.

When I hit my 40’s and started into menopause, I gave up hoping for the promise in my life and was a little upset with the Lord, Ok, a lot of upset with Him. I knew this wasn’t something I could make happen without a miracle. As the years past, the Lord began to stir my heart to become a foster parent. I fostered for 5 years and had quite a few children come into my life, It became so emotionally exhausting that I desperately needed a break. After a few years the Lord began to deal with me to start fostering again, and low and behold,  I’m now in the season of the promise being fulfilled in my life. We are adopting our foster son who is quite unique and intelligent beyond his age of 9. You see I set my heart on the promise, but I put my own thoughts into how it was going to come. You naturally assume He meant having a baby of my own. We take things that the Lord speaks and put our thoughts into action and become discouraged over time and all the while He never forgot His promise to you. He knew exactly how He was going to fulfill what He spoke. I’m now 52 years of age and becoming a Mom. As I now look over the years, I have been a mother to many children in need of the love of Christ, and I know there are more to come. I may never see some of them again, but the Lord will keep what was planted into each heart.

I have days when I wonder why He waited so long, and I have to draw my brain back and know in my heart that He has the very best and perfect timing when He brings our promises to completion. Time is not a factor to Him as it is us. He knows our beginning from the end and knows all we can handle. I praise Him with every thing in me, that my eyes now see what He has spoken. I encourage you in your waiting not to give up hope, In due time you will see what He has spoken into your life. Let Him bring it the way He plans and don’t analyze the word you received too much. Draw your thoughts back and know He plans of fulfilling what He promised. He see’s the dark hours and knows our heart’s so much better than we can ever know it. When we lose our sight He is still working to fulfill His plan that He has laid out from the beginning of time. I came to a place in my heart, even if I don’t see it Lord, you are faithful. Be encouraged!!!!!!!!! God has not forgotten what He spoke to you!!!!!!! He who began a good work in you, will complete it.


Written by;  Arlene Yorston

Midnight Oil Ministries


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