They’ll Never Understand.

Be encouraged, we’re in this world but not of it and as followers of Jesus, sometimes we’re called to make sacrifices or life changes that this world or those who’s minds are upon this world will NEVER understand. Changes such as leaving the world of a week to week paycheck to dedicate your life and time to pursuing and fulfilling the call of God upon your life or maybe choosing to forego a worldly career and financial security in order to stay home and homeschool your children or work in an area of ministry on a full time basis or even the simplest of all things, to be devoted to prayer instead of worldly entertainments. The world see’s these choices as foolishness; it has absolutely no regard for the priceless value of spiritual things or Gods Word for that matter. In the worlds eyes, we should make better financial choices and allow the pursuit of money to be our passion in order to establish a well planned out future when we retire, but you see, we need to always remember that our reward and provision comes from the Fathers hand, who’s ever looking upon the works we do; taking note of the faith we walk in before Him. It’s our Father in Heaven that we must seek to obey and He will reward us all openly for the sacrifices of obedience that may be required of us as we follow Him, ones that can and will cause persecution in our lives. He is faithful to His Word.

It’s so important to seek the Lord for guidance in every area of this life and make our decisions based on His plan and purposes and not upon our own thoughts or the thoughts of this world system. It’s very easy to get caught up in the financial pursuit that Jesus called  “seeking after the things the Gentiles seek”. He clearly warned His disciples not to live their lives in the pursuit of worldly riches but rather to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first and all of the things the Father knows we have need of will be added to us. A worldly minded person will never understand this walk of faith, while the God of all creation applauds it as an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to Him. Be encouraged, seek Him first and He will direct your path. Don’t ever allow the words of carnal people to discourage you from pursuing Jesus and His will for your life with passion. His plans for us are always going to be what’s best for us, but if the world hated Jesus, know that it will also hate you to, so just keep faithfully following the Lamb and let Him deal righteously with your adversaries. The world and the worldly will never agree with you or understand His ways in your life, so stop trying to conform to their image and let Jesus conform you to His.

As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, our lives are no longer our own, we’ve been bought with a price, (His precious blood) and being a living sacrifice (and sometimes being persecuted for it) is our reasonable service. God bless you as you walk by faith..

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