My Story Part #1

nullHello everyone,

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this website and I’m so sorry for the delay, I’ve just had a lot of things going on in my life lately as well as  starting some new projects. I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit this morning when I was praying, that I needed to bring you up-to-date a little on what the Lord’s been doing in my heart and the changes that He’s making in my life, all for His Glory and for my good, but this endevor is going to take some time and patience on your end and a whole lot more dedication on mine. Please pray for me if you think of me. I’m also starting a new website that is going to be used to share some of the natural changes that God has been making in my life, as well as sharing some healthy homemade recipes and some of the things I’ve been learning from the Lord about taking care of this temple He lives in. I hope everyone is doing well and being blessed by Jesus in every area of your life.

Well, to begin my story, (this is going to be imperfect and in need of much editing which I’ll do later), I’ve been on Facebook for many years and have had the privilege of connecting with some amazing God chasers that I absolutely adore in the Lord. I’ve also had the unpleasant experience of being exposed to far too much negativity, false judgments and many deceptive and destructive concepts concerning the word of God, which completely grieves my spirit. Although I’ve been connected on Facebook for quite some time, not too many people actually know who I am because I keep to myself for the most part, partly as a way of self-preservation amidst all of the doctrinal confusion, but also because of the amount of time I spend with the Lord and for personal consecration (purity). I have a long story to share with you about my call from God, how I answered Him, and how He has been developing the gift and anointing in my life through the years. I’m going to try to post to this website a little bit more often so that I can tell parts of my story in hopes that it will help someone and encourage them to continue moving forward even when they feel like they want to quit. The grace of God truly is sufficient for us, when we are weak He is our strength.

I have been in ministry to some extent for well over 22 years and living for Jesus for approximately 26. When I was born again I had a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit that left me undone and a completely changed woman. Like many others, I was headed down the road of education and money that this world has paved for us. I had graduated high school a year early with extra credits and was headed to law school, which was my dream. Although I did well in school, I had a very low opinion of myself due partially to the fact that as I hit adolescence, I began to develop a weight problem. I grew up in a time when the models on TV and the actresses in movies were a young girl’s picture of what a woman is supposed to look like, and that wasn’t me. Even though I had a loving, supportive family, although not without its problems, I still wrestled with severe, inner self-hatred because I didn’t measure up to what I thought I was supposed to be. There’s many ways Satan comes into a person’s life to destroy them, to suppress them, to silence them and to ruin their hearts. We often don’t recognize these strategies because they become familiar patterns and rather than seeing them as a weapon that’s fashion against us, and treat them as such, we simply think it’s the norm.

When Jesus came into my life, or let me more accurately say, when He began coming into my life, because it wasn’t just a one time knocking that he did on my door; He didn’t relent until I found what I didn’t know I was looking for. My family, namely my mother and father, weren’t what I would call born-again Christians, but they definitely had a measure of knowledge passed down to them from family about who Jesus was and who He should be in our lives. To say they had a personal relationship with Him would probably not be accurate, but with the measure of knowledge they did have, they used it to plant good seed in the hearts of their children, there are four of us by the way. They always took the time to teach us kid’s simple yet impacting Bible stories when we were younger. My dad would read stories from a children’s storybook Bible and then ask us questions about the story. That definitely was one of my favorite childhood memories that I treasure to this day.

From time to time we would visit a church here and there, which I found to be completely boring. Looking back, the reason I found it so boring was because the churches we visited were filled with religious propriety and tradition but they weren’t filled with the Holy Spirit. My parents were searching for the Lord based on the limited knowledge they had received from their parents, one being Catholic, and the other being strict, no Holy Spirit allowed, Baptists; both of which had not exposed either of them to the Presence of God nor to the reality of the working of the Holy Spirit in a believers life. This is a crucial and absolutely necessary aspect of our walk with God, that should never, not be present in our churches or fellowships.

I can tell you that the Father uses our entire lives and experiences (because of His foreknowledge) to fashion us for what He’s called us to do and to help us become who we’re to be in Him. Unknowingly, the Lord was leading my parents to lay a good foundation in my heart concerning the importance of having a reverential, fear of God, even though they didn’t really know what that meant or looked like. It was that knowledge, planted deeply in my heart that gave the Holy Spirit the tools to convict me of sin when I needed it, I knew I was breaking the laws of God because of what I’d been taught, which ultimately led me to being born again and living a completely surrendered life to Christ. Much to come, so stay tuned. Love you all.

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