My Story, Part #3

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I’m going to begin part three of my story by picking up where I left off in part two, regarding my father’s recovery from open heart surgery and his bad shoulder. Well as you know, just after my father’s surgery I received the Holy Spirit and let me tell you, I was not just a little bit excited. I absolutely loved praying in this new language I’d received, it was everything and so much more than I could’ve ever have hope for. The Father took me into a place of great depth of prayer and revelation of His word through this powerful gift. I found prayer to be a place where everything I’d ever carried on the inside of me was able to be released, every burden, every heartache, and every concern in my heart, could now be laid at the feet of Jesus in a way that I was never able to do so before. Little did I know that this precious gift of God would be my saving grace as I walked into the future with Him. Through the many seasons we go through as believers, the ability for my spirit to effectively pray and petition God, became the strength of my life.

Because of this new gift of God I’d received, my parents were just a little bit concerned, because after all, the denominations that they had attended had reassured their followers that this gift was no longer given nor necessary for believers and some would even go to the extreme, saying it was from the devil. These types of teachings place great doubt into people’s hearts and although it didn’t hinder me from receiving it because of the powerful truths I was being taught, it did adversely affect my parents’ ability to believe that what had happened to me at that meeting was a good thing. They could not have been more wrong in their teachings about the value of the Holy Spirit and his gifts in our lives. It’s a great injustice for these kinds of doctrines to continue to be put into the heart of those who are sincerely seeking God. I honestly don’t believe that I would have made it through the many trials, temptations, and tribulations that have taken place in my life had it not been for the precious Holy Spirit.

This is actually going to be a twofold testimony including both my mother and my father, so that I can keep things going in the order in which they had taken place.

One day I was over my parents’ home for a barbeque and I was so excited because of all that Jesus had done and was doing in my life. I was alive in Him and wanted everyone I knew to have the same gift that I had received from the Lord. I told my mom about it and I remember her and I going out to their back patio, my dad was sitting out there as well, my mom asked me to speak in tongues for my dad to hear, so I began praying in the Spirit in front of them. I was reluctant at first because of my dads upbringing but I wanted to show them both what God had given to me and what a blessing it was. It’s amazing how the Bible says that tongues are a sign for unbelievers because that’s exactly what God used to bring my family out of religion and into the Kingdom of God. My mom knew that this gift was not something that I’d ever had nor did I learn it, she  knew it must be coming from above. Needless to say, she came to church with me to check out what I was getting myself into, but she left there that day, having experienced the Presence and power of God, a new believer and follower of Jesus. Soon after that, my sister also came to church with us and could do nothing but cry because of the tangible Presence of a living God in our midst. She was radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit as well, because Jesus was a reality among us, not just a story.  I give God thanks for answering the cry of my heart and saving my family. 

I had mentioned in an earlier part that I carried a heavy burden for the well-being of my family and from the time I had gotten saved, it only increased and became more intense. I wanted my family well, blessed, and experiencing the same joy that I was experiencing in my newly found relationship with Jesus. As I said earlier, my dad had a bad shoulder that was going to require surgery if there was to be any improvement at all. He was unable to lift his arm above his shoulder because the pain was too excruciating, as well as he had no movement above that point. He was in so much pain that I could barely stand to see him that way; it hurt my heart way too much to see him in so much misery with no comfort. He had said that his heart attack, operation and recovery were easy compared to the pain that he was in. Although I knew God had raised him from the dead, I also knew that he was still lost and unbelieving, so my heart was extremely broken for my dad and the suffering he was experiencing.

On this one particular day, we were to have dinner at my parents’ home after my husband got off of work but before going, I was at home in prayer, crying my heart out to God and praying in tongues for the salvation of my family and for my dad’s healing, when suddenly, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I knew I was to get up and go over to my parents home. When we arrived, I walked into the living room where my dad was laying on the couch and I said to him “dad, the Lord is going to heal you”. I then asked him to stand up and my mom and I proceeded to pray for him. There was such a powerful presence of God that began to manifest in that room, it was incredible. As we prayed, I raised my dads arm up, well beyond his comfort or ability according to the look on his face, but at that very point is when Jesus touched him with His power. He threw his arm up in the air (he was unable to do this before), and was completely and totally healed, with medical proof. He became a believer in the power of the Holy Spirit that day, something He was taught was not of God. Isn’t Jesus just amazing! God showed me through this experience that it is by effective, fervent prayer, love in our hearts and intimacy with Jesus, where we can clearly hear His heart, obey His voice and see Him perform miracles. I hope you’re enjoying these small glimpses into my life and walk with God. There’s a reason why i’m so passionate about teaching truth! 

Part #4 to come soon.. Be blessed.








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