Ministry Need


I am needing to replace my Apple iMac computer that I use for podcasting (Garage band and Audacity software) and writing, because the one we currently have is approx 10 years old and is running very slow and is becoming unstable and unreliable. 

I’m desiring to purchase another iMac to replace my current one due to the increased reliability and functionality of these machines opposed to a windows based Pc. They do cost a bit more (about $1,850) but will last for many, many years, making the extra investment worth it in the long run and they’re also not nearly as vulberable to viruses as the windows based units. I’ve had a huge amount of personal opposition and trials since beginning this endeavor that the Holy Spirit put in my heart, but the Lord is restrengthening me in my spirit and speaking to me to continue to press forward and see His full purpose accomplished through it. FYI: People are still downloading the published podcasts on Itunes from quite a while ago, so the word (as simple as it was) is still going out to bless others. Thank you to those who made that a possibility. 🌷

The new iMac will be used strickly for ministry (Podcasting/writing/office) purposes only. If you feel led by the Lord or just by love to sow a seed towards the future of this ministry, please do so with the link below. Any donation big or small would be a blessing and greatly appreciated and will be used strickly for the intended purpose only.  God bless you. 

All donations can be sent to via/ the link below.  Thank you ❤️ 



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