I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit today to make an update on this website and let everyone know that although things have been quiet, I’ve been very busy getting everything ready to do what the Lord has asked of me, including working on my own damaged heart. Unfortunately I’ve had to walk through some very difficult circumstances the last two years and have faced some heartbreaking internal trials along the way that (felt like it), set me back a bit and left a little mud on my shoes, but as we all know, the Lord is faithful who will not allow us to be tempted (to give up) beyond what we’re able to endure but with every temptation (to give up) will make the way of escape and let me just say, He has done just that. I’m learning a lot about myself, the Holy Spirit and the sad condition of mens’ hearts in this late hour.

The Lord has asked me to share what I know, however small that may be, with His people via podcasting, so I’ve been spending my extra time learning how to do that effectively as well as praying over this new adventure. I’m not at all comfortable with it but sometimes the Lord asks us to do things that take us so far out of our comfort zone or ability that we may even question if it’s His leading. What I’ve found is that with each new asssignment or new place He takes me, it requires me to re-visit the upper room and continue in prayer until the Holy Spirit comes and anoints me to do what I’m called by Him to do. It’s never easy to obey God in a new thing but it’s much easier to obey when we take the time to seek Him and be filled again for another season we’re about to walk though.

I’m thankful to my Father for His grace and watchful eye over me, as ministering to the Lord first, is my life’s focus and then ministry to others. With that life focus comes the need to believe God for His provision but I have to say that through everything I’ve went through to learn and grow in faith, He’s always taken care of me. Paul the Apostle said in Phillipians* that he’d learned how to be abased and he learned how to abound. Both of these seasons of life require some internal learning about the power of Christ within us. In the seasons of being abased, we may be tempted to give up on faith and take matters into our own hands even if it takes us away from His will for us and in the times of abounding, we may be temped to put our trust in riches and remove our faith from our only true source; our Father in heaven, who longs and desires to take care of His children. I can truly understand the intent of the Apostle Pauls admonishment, as he himself learned how to handle both seasons with grace and with thanksgiving. (*Phillipians 4:10-13)

Hopefully soon you’ll see an updated website with new podcast episodes available. The amazing thing is that the couple of podcasts I did about two years ago are still being downloaded on Itunes to this day, our God is faithful. Please continue to keep me in prayer as I endevor to move forward with the Spirit of the Lord in my life. I’m trusting Him to take care of what I can’t and move me into His perfect will. May God bless you all with the abundant grace and peace of Jesus Christ our Lord and thank you so much for your much needed prayers, patience and financial support.

The Way, The Truth and The Life. ❤️

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt? The longing in your heart for their wellbeing and happiness is your primary concern and you’d never dream of ever doing anything purposely to hurt them and when they weep, you weep more or when they’re happy, you’re overjoyed. Isn’t love powerful? The first commandment, to love God with all of your heart, soul and strength and to love others as yourself. How do we love God like this and who is this God? 

Even in natural relationships, how can we love someone we don’t know? Does a mans autobiography alone teach me about the man or does it allow me to know the man? No, we can’t possibly KNOW, at best we can only understand in part, even so, we can’t (as in impossible) know our Father in heaven by simply reading written text. We can’t love Him in the manner that pleases Him by only reading about Him, we must KNOW Him intimately to love Him effectively, and there is ONLY one way for that to happen; I have to be cleansed and forgiven so that I am suitable to enter this blessed relationship with a Holy God, a relationship that allows me to KNOW Him, not just know of Him. And how is it possible to be so clean and pure, that God the Father (a consuming fire) would find me acceptable or desire my fellowship?

It happened by one man (Jesus) who was born of a woman, born under the Law, to redeem those who were under the law. A  law that made me grossly aware of my sinfulness, guilty as charged and standing condemned and ashamed before Him. It happened by this same Jesus walking a perfect and complete walk of fulfillment within the Law (which no man had ever done), and Him choosing to die for me, so that I could live. It happened by this one and the same Jesus offering up to God His own body and the holiest blood that ever flowed from the veins of a man, as an eternal offering for me, yes, for me and for you.. He made this relationship possible for us because of His own sacrifice of love. ❤️

NOW I, like the children of Israel while in Egypt, can apply this same blood by FAITH, (to believe with all of your heart), to my own house (me) and stand protected and free from Gods wrath because of it. Jesus set me free from the curse of the law, the same law that made me guilty, undone and condemned before God. He also set me free from Satan’s hold on my life and from sin, He cleansed me from an evil conscience and set my heart free from the wicked works that once held me prisoner to death, all by this one sacrifice. 😘BUT, guess what? 😋 

Now that i’m clean before God, but ONLY because of this precious gift of grace, and now that I stand in the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, I can freely and confidently (without condemnation) ask for the Holy Spirit to come and abide in this Temple made without hands (ME), a simple person who’s been cleansed with precious and Holy blood, who can come boldly to the throne of grace to receive all of the help that I need to live my life as one who sincerely LOVES HIM. Woo Hoo!!! \0/ and guess what else happens when that blessing comes? The Spirit of the Lord comes into my heart and fills my spirit, He breathes His life into me and causes me to CRY OUT, ABBA FATHER from the depths of my soul. \0/ I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JESUS, THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND MY FATHER and how do I love this way you asked, Yep, with all of my heart, my soul and with all of my strength, because His love now abides within me; without Him I could do nothing, I even kind of love other people too. 😉I now KNOW Him intimately as a man knows His friend and He KNOWS me. ❤️

I’m now a branch who’s connected to the vine by covenant and I can’t help but to produce fruit according to what’s being supplied to me by the Vine (Love, grace and mercy), I may be just a little branch at first, but I’m growing and latching on to the strength of the Vine and the VINE is holding onto me as well; we who are joined to the vine are now one spirit with Him and He nourishing me with His strength. I grow, I’m pruned, the unfruitful parts of me die, I blossom, I’m watered, my fruit matures, and one day, I’ll produce fruit that looks exactly like the fruit that the original Vine produced (Jesus). Christ in me, the hope of Glory! ❤️He has perfected FOREVER those who are BEING sanctified. \0/ 

Get connected with HIM, and you will flourish and fully please the Lord. But please do not take His sacrifice lightly, He gave it all for you, to give you all of Himself; the one in whom the fullness of God dwells. ❤️

Copyright: (2016) Pamela Halstead

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