Midnight Oil Ministries is a small, Christ based ministry dedicated to releasing spiritual restoration, hope and healing to hurting people through the powerful truths found in Gods Word. Jesus, taught His disciples that complete liberty for the whole person (spirit, soul & body), is and can be attained, as we abide in Him and His Word abides in us; because of this truth, we’re very passionate about releasing a clearer understanding to all believers of the many life transforming truths contained in the Word of God. 

We have a firm belief that exposing Gods family to the reality of His incredibly, powerful Presence within them, releases restoration to those who are broken and hurting, as they encounter His abounding and unfailing love in their inner man (spirit). The Holy Spirit (the promise of the Father) who comes to dwell within the born again believer, is a tangible and beautiful gift to the body of Christ; a blessing that can be asked for, experienced and released, with confidence, in the Fathers will and desire to give this precious gift to all who sincerely call on the name of Jesus/Yeshua.

We believe that the days of this present world are quickly drawing to a close; making our hearts all the more passionate about the Bride of Christ being ready for the return of her Great King, by keeping her lamp filled with fresh oil and her garment made white (by faith) in the blood of the Lamb. God has made abundant provision for His children to experience liberty of spirit, soul and body, through faith in His Son Jesus/ Yeshua and by tasting the power of His Spirit and unfailing, unchanging Word. All we must do is ask, seek and knock and the door will be opened. 

The Father has anointed His beautiful bride, filled with His grace, to proclaim and release liberty to the captive and to open the prison doors of them that are bound by satan; revealing to them the power of the resurrected Christ, through the demonstration of His Holy Spirit. This authority and anointing that Jesus carries is a NOW anointing, one which is still being released today, for this generation; and is always available (through faith) to any and all who are broken and lost and in desperate need of a Savior (which includes us all). 

This ministry believes and teaches that there is absolutely nothing impossible with God; there is no lost cause, no soul too bound, no sin too deep, nor is there anyone too old for the Lord to deliver and set free from Satan’s grip. Through the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross; shedding His own blood for us and His resurrection from the dead, He has obtained authority over all things; releasing forgiveness of sins to all who call upon His name and follow Him. It was through His sacrificial obedience to the Father’s will that He paid the ultimate ransom to redeem us out of the kingdom of darkness and to place us into the Kingdom of our Great God. The Father seated Jesus at His own right hand; where He now rules and reigns from a position of authority, far above all principalities and the powers of darkness, giving us victory and overcoming power to live an abundant life in Christ. When He ascended on high, He gave gifts to His Church, through the Holy Spirit; releasing through the body of Christ His own virtue and Glory. His Glorious Church is made up of believers who have given themselves completely to Him and is evidenced by a surrendered life of sincere worship and genuine faith. The sacrifice Jesus made for us released great provision for all believers to possess liberty in all three dimensions of the human experience; spirit, soul and body.

The Word of God says that it is our Fathers good pleasure to give to us the Kingdom, as well as to give us an abundant enterance into an incredible, eternal relationship with the King of heaven. He is light and in Him there is NO DARKNESS at all, neither is there any place for it. We have all been called to experience His inexpressible joy and His heart for us that beats within the pages of His Word, clearly says that His desire is that our joy would be full and remain as we abide in Him.

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    Good afternoon,
    My father did a video with you 2 years ago. His name was Myron King. “The man that went to Hell and has the burns to prove it”.
    He passed away completely unrelated to his heart surgery last year. I was wondering if you had more video of him talking and more of his testimony. My family shares it frequently to people. I listen to it often. I would just like to hear the unedited version, if possible. I do know my father was a talker. There is no way you came to his kitchen table and he only talked for 13 minutes. Lol
    Any direction you can provide would be useful.
    Thank you,

    1. Midnight Oil Ministries Post author

      Hello Lisa,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, however, I’m afraid you have me confused with someone else, I didn’t know your Father or ever take video of or with him so I have no information to help you. I’m so sorry for you loss and hope you find what you’re looking for. God bless you and your family.



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