~The Embodiment of Love~

One of the most beautiful things that a human soul could ever experience seems to go unrealized by so many, yet it should be the longing of every man, woman and child and more sought after than anything else in our lives; to realize and come to understand that through the Holy Spirit, we have been given the privilege to behold and experience the embodiment of Love. The casing of all that love is or ever could be imagined, flowing from the heart of a God who knows no boundaries and has no limits into the heart of man. His abounding love is contained within an earthen vessel and has come to this earth from beyond the realms of light, where there is no darkness, only vibrant colors, breath-taking lights and the blissful peace of sheer, unadulterated love. He (Jesus) came to reveal the essence of mercy, compassion and the Fathers utter unfailing love for mankind. Jesus, My Jesus, Born to be a miraculous sign and wonder; sent to reveal and restore all that humanity had lost by the act of one mans disobedience.

I’m in awe of Him; how the Father so loved this world that He allowed His precious treasure to be broken and spilled out for us. Broken in such a way that it pleased the Father, How can it be so, that this act of breaking the Son of God could please the Father, His Father and now our Father? How could this be? How can I comprehend this kind of love or with what earthy thing can I compare this too? What could have been so passionately consuming Him, that He would waste such precious oil; allowing it to be spilled upon the earth? Father what has motivated your heart to let Him be beaten by mortal men? What has moved your heart so passionately to allow His blood to be drained upon the earth as Abel’s blood was also spilled at the hand of the wicked? Father, Oh! my Father, Let me see into your heart and let me feel what moved you to break Him; to break Him and lay on Him what should have laid upon me….

As I sit and listen to your voice, your heavy Presence inspires me to listen ever so closely, I can feel something stirring and moving my way, I can hear, I can hear you Father; whispering to my heart, as I sit here in awe of your Presence. “My daughter, if you could see what I’ve seen and feel how deeply I have loved you, you would only see that my heart was melted with pain as I seen you throughout eternity, suffering in your sins. My first creation failed the test of obedience and because of this, My love, MY FIRST LOVE was cast onto the bed of death and I was separated from what I longed to be a part of. I seen you suffering, I seen Lucifer reaching for you, trying to hurt you and I seen your agonizing fear. I’ve seen so many of those in whom I delight, succumbing to the death that came to my creation because my first Adam, did not believe”……

“Oh! my heart cried out “NOOOOOOO Adam.. No!!!!!” as weeping filled the corridors of eternity, I cried out “ADAM.. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” but it was too late. What was meant to be a wonderful life for us together, now became a chamber of death for you. I cried out, “Who, who will go for me, who will restore what’s been lost”. Who will fight against my enemy and end this separation from my beloved? Who will heal the wound of my children? I will provide a way for you to come back to me my children. HE SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST YOU”…

And the one who stood beside me as I formed my earthly masterpiece, appearing as a lamb that had been slain, who also was the very source of creation, His name: ” The Word OF God” came forward and spoke “I will go.. I will go for you Father”…
Angels began to whisp back and forth over heaven and rejoice for the Lamb who was slain, was going to redeem my creation. The way has been made, and I can see the end from the beginning, It is good. The light of men is coming to the earth!

You see my daughter, He is the embodiment of my love for you. He is the one I trusted with you. For He alone could carry out the task of rightfully defeating the devil. Gaining back once again, the stolen keys of death, hell and the grave. He went to the earth, and left all that He knew, He left me, He left my Glory and all that was familiar to Him; humbling Himself, He became a man. I could let Him go, because I knew He would return to me. I knew He would prevail against Lucifer. I knew that although for a moment I had to release Him and turn my back from Him, when He had finished what He was sent to do, He would return back to me and that He would bring me YOU! It was worth the agony we both suffered; We knew it would only be for a moment, but now, now that He has prevailed, I will never lose you again. My Sons and my Daughters will once again taste the Paradise I intended them to have, because the second Adam I created..He believed!

Father, Oh! My Father, your heart, your heart has now become one with my heart. How I love you. I love you Jesus, you are the embodiment of my God’s love for me. Now, I can intimately know that love, I can reach the height, the length, the breadth and the width and I can truly know the love that surpasses all understanding.. My heart is at rest Lord. Thank you for loving me, thank you for loving us your Son’s and daughters. Forever we will worship you, and honor you with our lives.

Pamela Halstead
Midnight Oil Ministries