Here I am Lord!~

You may not be a famous christian (coughs) =) but there’s someone, somewhere, praying and waiting for your arrival. The Lord has given us all a sphere of influence that only we have the ability to touch with the measure of Christs gift deposited within us. Listen to the small voice inside your heart and obey it’s unction, even if it seem’s silly. You never know when your small act of obedience will drastically change someone’s life. We’re called to be an extension of who He is to others. Someone’s been waiting for you!

We’re in a time when the restraints of obedience are being removed from the hearts of His people. Far too long His children have been limited by man’s opinions and regulations while the world around us falls apart and broken-hearted people become more broken. When you’re in the marketplace, listen to His voice. When your going about your day, listen to His voice. When your on Fb and someone stands out to you and the Lord fills your heart with love for them, listen to His voice… Someones life, salvation, wellbeing and peace is depending on your obedience to the Spirit of the Lord.

We like to say to people, the Lord will provide, the Lord will take care of you and all the other things that accompany lazy christianity =0 But really what does the word of God say? Don’t withhold good from those when it’s in the power of your hand.. Don’t say to someone, go, be warmed and filled and never do anything to meet that need. Faith without works is dead. The Lord uses us, He gives to us to give to others. He provides bountifully to us so we can hear Him and help someone else in need. God overflows those who will take what they’ve been given and give it back to Him.

Whether it be a gift of the Spirit, a financial blessing, a bountiful harvest, whatever blessing the Lord has given us only increases when it’s given back to Him in faith. Abraham understood this concept when He was told to take His son up the mountain and offer Him as a sacrifice. When asked by Isaac where the lamb was that was to be offered, Abrahams faith rose up and said ” God will provide for himself a lamb ” Abraham knew the faithfulness of God and the promised son sitting before Him was to be the avenue by which all the families on the earth would be blessed but because He knew GOD, He knew that whatever was to multiply had to be offered back to God, even his own son. By His obedience and faith, Abraham proved He feared the Lord and was given His son back from the dead, figuratively.

What are we keeping back from God that has been given to us? What are we holding onto so tightly that He’s unable to bless and use it to bless others. We need to rise above this world and begin to operate in the Spirit by doing things according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh. Some need to offer their bodies so God in turn can release a blessing over their body. He will prosper what belongs to Him completely but the canker worm, mildew, blight and every other evil will grow upon what’s withheld from Him, for these things grow rapidly in an absence of light. His ways don’t change because we want modern christianity, we need to get back to THE WAY and walk in the truth of His eternal Word. We will see a blessing that we can’t contain when everything we are and have, is His and our hearts are continually listening for His voice. The one’s who practice this life in the Spirit are those who will live in a continual blessing.

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