~The Law and the Spirit of Grace~

If you believe in your heart that you’re still under the old covenant law, you’ll be judged by that covenant; for if you stumble in one thing, you’ve broken the whole law and become a transgressor. Many say that we are no longer under any law, and in their minds their simply referring to any and all control by anything that governs our actions or behaviors. This is so far from the truth, we are not free from all law, but rather have been given a new law or a new covenant that is written on the tablet of our hearts and not on stone. The law was so much more than just the ten commandments as some believe, the law began as ten commandments with hundreds of others laws attached to it pertaining to daily life, ceremonial washings, sacrifices, burnt offerings, foods to eat or not eat and many others. We need to understand that to be free from commandments contained in hundreds of ordinances was not by the abolishment of the law or of righteousness, but it was in the amazing fact that the fulfilling of it, is in Christ; Jesus did what we could not do and gave us all the benefits of His efforts when we believe in Him. Those laws were a shadow of things to come, a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ and make sin, appear to be sin so we would see our need for a savior. By faith we are in Him, by faith we now live in perfect righteousness before God. Our faith is now in what Jesus did on the cross to bring you and I freedom from the kingdom of darkness and not in our own abilities of obeying laws. We are righteous because He is righteous. He has, by the sacrifice of His blood, given us rights as Sons and daughters to experience the power of the Kingdom of God and walk in resurrected life. When we are born again, we receive this great Kingdom into these earthen vessels called our bodies; we are now the temple of the Holy Spirit and the commandments of God which embody nothing but the Fathers love for us, are now written in our hearts and our hearts are now empowered by Grace to obey the laws of love.

When you believe in and follow Jesus Christ, it is the end of the law, or old covenant for you. No more sacrifices for sins, washing of hands, observing days, months, years, no more eating or not eating certain foods, no more unclean and clean, no more ritualistic worship and no more stoning. The law was impossible for anyone to keep but in it, the righteousness of God was revealed to mankind. The law was good and Holy but man was powerless to obey it because our inward passions were against the laws of God. Jesus came to fulfill all righteousness and impart His own victory over your life, liberating you from the attempt to obtain righteousness by your own observance of the law, so that NOW you can go ahead and serve God as ALREADY BEING RIGHTEOUS BY HIS FREE GIFT OF GRACE. We through His indwelling Spirit Have been empowered to do good as a result of our faith in Jesus Christ. We have been placed under a NEW COVENANT IN HIS BLOOD and have been given a new empowerment by the Spirit to obey the highest law, the law of love.

True faith in God will manifest in good works, in love and peace, completely apart from rituals, ceremonies, eating certain things, ETC.. He is our Law, we now live by the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus! We are free from sin, no longer held by the power of the commandment but liberated by the power of an endless life. He who knew no sin, became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of GOD in Him. We are only hidden in Christ, when we put our trust in Him fully as our propitiation for sin and true faith in Jesus will always be revealed in good works of love as we obey the Spirit of life and do those things that are pleasing in His sight. If we do sin we have an advocate with the Father, even Jesus, who died and is at the right hand of God; ever-living to make intercession on behalf of the Saints. When we sin He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. CLEANSE US NOT OVERLOOK US =)

Let no man judge you whether you keep one day Holy or every day alike.. Let no man judge you in food, drink, or in circumcision or un-circumcision. Let no man judge you for what Christ has redeemed you from. Hold fast to the head, let no man take your crown and be careful that no man fall from grace; For if after I have been set free from the law of sin, I again submit to it as a means of righteousness, Christ will profit me nothing. It is Christ in you the hope of Glory.

My righteousness, your righteousness is of the Lord. Jesus paid the debt, kept the law, died for our sins, rose to sit at the right hand of God. We are debtors not to the law but to Christ who is our righteousness. Please be careful of those who would steal what God has done for you by adding their laws to salvation. The law of the Spirit is the law from which we seek our direction, not the commandments contained on stone received on Sinai but rather the law of love that is now written on the heart of those who truly believe and submit to Jesus Christ as Lord. Also beware of those who use grace as an occasion for the flesh because in that is the enemy at work polluting the freedom from His control that the cross has provided. We who have been set free from sin, should not live any longer to it.. GOD bless you..

The Gospel message is about inward transformation, regeneration and newness of life through our access to the Spirit of God. It’s not a passive, religious belief system but a sincere, repentant heart experiencing the reality of resurrection life and freedom from sin.

Scripture references to read:
All quoted scripture in NKJV.
Romans Chapter 7 and 8:1-9
Hebrews Chapter 10
Galatians 4:21-28 and 5:1-7

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