~Passing up the Soup to see the Glory~

I often see people who like Esau, don’t value their own birthright in the face of some discomforts of the flesh; they sell out and give it up for an easier road, never possessing what Jesus died to give them. These are believers who have little regard for their position in the Kingdom of God nor the incredible price Jesus paid to give them that blessing. They choose to sell their spiritual inheritance to satisfy a temporary earthly desire, leaving their rightful position; to serve the world like beggars, instead of to reign with Christ. These have been convinced by another voice that it’s too tough and they’ll never make it through this one.

We as members of body have been called to seek out and find all of the hidden riches that are found in Christ. This pursuit is one that brings with it some trials that can leave us hungry, thirsty and even at times, very weary. It’s in these moments when we are tempted to give up what’s rightfully ours in order to get a little relief from the suffering that can occur in the flesh, when victory requires patience and then when we see others possessing what we could have had, it creates and even greater burden in the heart. Esau despised his birthright once his belly was full; He became angry at others because of his own foolish choice.

We are not called to pursue this world, but in making that choice to serve the Lord there are times when trials and tests become overwhelming to handle in our own strength. This is when the Saints of God need to bow before their Father and receive mercy and grace in their times of need. It’s not a time to sell out for the easier road. There is nothing that comes easy when your pursuing the Kingdom of God. We are warring with a spirit that has every intention of preventing the furtherance of the Kingdom in your life but Jesus overcame this world and has made provision through His Word, Spirit and blood to cause you to be more than a conqueror.

Satan tempts us with the broad road, hoping that by taking that road, your position in Christ is disabled and you are no longer effective against the realms of darkness which we have been called to expose. He knows full well the weakness of man and makes the “god” called “comfort” one that we seek to possess, rather than a cross that although carries with it a measure of pain, brings with it the full measure of Gods Glory. What has the Lord spoken to you? What opposition has come because of it? If you know that you’ve heard the voice of the Lord, through the written or rhema voice of God, then don’t give in when the flesh gets uncomfortable. Your on the dawn of breakthrough and this temptation to go the easy way is a ploy to disable your God-given destiny in Christ.

We who go through trials, tests, and various temptations, but still make the choice to bow our knees and hearts before the Father, to receive grace to make it through, will receive not only what was spoken to us by the Lord, but we will also receive the crown of life and the blessing that only comes to those who through faith and endurance, inherit the promises of God.. God bless you all, stay in prayer, don’t lose sight of your promises when tested with discomfort, hold fast to Jesus! =)

Midnight Oil Ministries
Pamela Halstead

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