~Cedars of Lebanon~ The Planting of the Lord

God has chosen a people for the hour that’s at hand. He has picked out a remnant, a chosen people, that He has planted and has been growing up and teaching His ways. As they began on this journey, they were small and could not stand to well but as they grew through the changing seasons, they have learned to stand firm. The wind and fire have been sent against these majestic tree’s to cause them to stand under all situations; teaching them to grow in every season, to learn of His ways and not the way’s of man.

Over the year’s these trees have grown tall and have learned to bend with the wind and to bow in the fire; knowing that the Lord was working a far more excellent way than they could have ever known. With each test and trial these tree’s learned to reach high towards the Son not letting the things of this world weigh their branches down. They have sought out after a living water source; pushing past all things that tried to stand in their way and have learned to let their roots go deep into the water of His Spirit where they find life.

These trees have grown up and their root’s have gone deep, as not to be plucked up by anyone. Their branches are a place of safety to other’s who are just beginning their journey. These trees are so in Love with their maker they desire nothing of this world other than to be pleasing unto Him and to fulfill what He has set before them. Their Hearts desire is for more trees to come in, be planted and to grow tall. They have come to know their Master’s voice and will not follow none other. They will not be fooled into believing the whispering lies of their enemy. They see and hear the wind, blowing through the top’s of the trees, calling them, directing their path and this is the course they choose to follow; for they know outside of Him and His calling there is no life for them.

These trees are the believers who’ve laid down their own lives and have picked up their cross to follow their shepherd. Their hearts beat His name and their sole desire is to be found by their beloved with nothing in their lives to displease Him or separate them from Him. These are the one’s who have been wounded and pressed on, been beaten and kept going. These are the one’s in whom the water of life will flow out to others who need Jesus. These are the one’s who will prepare the way of the Lord once again and ready the people of God for His return. The Lord has reserved a remnant that will not bow their knee to a Babylonian system, nor receive it’s influence, but they will cling to His eternal Word and drink of His living waters. Will you be one of those few who hear this call of the Master to separate from this World and cling only to Him? He’s ready and waiting to prepare you also, to be a tree of righteousness; the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.

By: Arlene Yorston
Midnight Oil Ministries

1 thought on “~Cedars of Lebanon~ The Planting of the Lord

  1. Susan Brown

    This is so beautiful!! I feel like it was written of me and I am so thankful to the a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord!


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