~The Burden of the Lord~

I was lying in bed on a Saturday morning, pondering upon the Lords goodness the best way that I could with how aweful I was feeling; (just a little under the weather). I usually spend almost all day Saturday in prayer and the Word of God but this day I wasn’t feeling up to doing much except just laying there. I had my bible next to me and I had read some wonderful things in the Word that strengthened my heart. I laid my bible down and said a brief prayer so that I could take a nap and put myself out of misery, but just as I finished my prayer, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me a word about the revelation He’s releasing to this generation and the generations that came before us.

As most of you know, I’m an absolute advocate of preaching biblical truth and desperately despise the wisdom of man that’s taught as the commandments of God. I know that the teaching that conflict with the new covenant or are bondages to believers are destructive, and should be spoken against with love and with truth, but in all honesty, there’s always going to be the false among the true. It’s up to those whom the Lord has entrusted with His word to be faithful to teach it to others and correct those who may be in opposition, as the word commands, but there’s something else disturbing going on that I’ve personally witnessed and the Lord began to speak to me concerning this thing.

I’ve seen many believers who have come into a greater measures of the depths of the Spirit or a more awakened understanding of the joys of experiencing the Word of God, completely nullify, by their preaching/teaching, many of the ministries who’ve went before us. Those who have, by their faithful prayers and diligence, prepared the way for this generation to receive the levels of spiritual understanding that the Father is currently pouring out and by doing this, have overthrown the faith of some of those who came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior while sitting under these ministries. There have been many ministries that have plowed the way in the USA for God to bring greater and greater glory to His Church as a whole; people who may not have had the level of understanding that you have, but who have walked faithfully in the measure that they were given for their generation.

We need to realize, that just like the Jews who had a hard time receiving the new Gentiles to the faith because it wasn’t something they were familiar with, that we to can become hardened to others who love the Lord, but may not possess the spiritual understanding that we do or think that we do. =)

Some of those who brought us the understanding of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the concept of holding fast our profession of faith, receiving promises by faith and the such, are being looked upon as if they’re in erroneous error because they were not experiencing what you are or have the level of knowledge that you do. They may have even added man made rules to their understanding of the Gospel message out of ignorance, and may not have been just perfect in understanding, but let’s try to remember and honor those who have gone before us, who’s faith followed them, and bless them for their faithfulness to the Kingdom of God.

Thank God that someone before you plowed the way and cracked open the heavens over this generation; it’s by grace that we’ve entered into this blessing of fullness, not by how wonderful we are; it’s all about walking in love.

Think about it. Where would you be right now if it were not for someone pressing in to the Word and prayer to gain understanding of the Fathers desire to fill us with His Holy Spirit, or that He wants to make Himself known among us through His various gifts or that we can freely come into His Presence as sons and daughters, being justified by faith?
We need to be more like the first Church, who after they’d seen the Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit, although they had the inclination to reject them because it wasn’t familiar, concluded as we also should, that if God has also given them this same Holy Spirit that He’s poured out on us, then who are we to resist God? This is wisdom at its finest.
The Lord is well aware of the religious traditions of man we’re pulling out of, but He is also aware that we’re a generation incredibly privileged because truth is being restored for us. So lets not forget nor disrespect and dishonor the one’s who helped you grow into the person you are today; the ones who preached tje gospel amd taught you the Word of faith, how to speak it, believe it and receive the promises of God. Let’s not forsake the ones whom we deem less valuable than ourselve, because let me just say that this type of high-minded thinking is grieving the heart of the one whom we say that we love.
Maybe, by our sincere love of our brethren, those ones who’ve been less privileged or maybe have not been as blessed with such an open heaven as we experience now, will come to know Him in a fuller measure of truth. Love goes a long way.

The Lord would say to you, “don’t cast away as nothing, the one’s for whom Christ died, who brought to you gold nuggets, simply because you’ve been allowed to dig deeper and have found the vein from where it flows.” He loves all who have sought His heart from generation to generation and will not forsake them simply because they don’t know anything of glory realms, prophetic mantles and mandates, schools of the Spirit, Glory encounters, angels or any of the other things we have esteemed so highly in these last days. He loves His children and wants us to also love them and know that He alone is the one who judges and knows His own sheep, so quit stressing and walk in revealed truth, coupled with love…Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, lets not forget the simplicity of Christ.

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