~It’s TIME for RADICAL Obedience~

Sometimes, you have to take risks by stepping out on the Lords instruction when everyone else thinks your crazy. They’re not the ones you’ll give an account to someday soon; the one whispering to your heart is who you’ll stand before. Many times the instructions of the Lord to your heart make absolutely no sense to the carnal, natural mind. They’re sometimes risky to the flesh, require an incredible amount of faith and trust in the one who’s leading you but in those moments the Lord provides us with Grace. He’s not asking us to do something impossible, He’s asking us to do it with faith, trusting that He’s faithful. Nothing received in the Kingdom of God comes without someone making a choice to believe. Every miracle, healing, prophecy, word of knowledge, new ministry, good work and even a new soul born into the Kingdom required someone to engage their faith with His Word, by acting upon it.

The talents the Father gives to us are to further His purposes in the earth; not to be sat upon and wasted as fear of the unknown and of man, causes us to shrink back; resulting in His displeasure. We are called to bear fruit in Christ but without faith, it’s impossible! Without faith we can never attempt to please God. Faith is the ability to agree with God before you ever see anything naturally to prove He’s faithful. Faith is the foundation of all that is to be received in His Kingdom. Jesus said that when you pray, believe that you’ve received, and you will receive what you’ve asked for. In this same way we must come into agreement with the voice of the Lord through His written word and through His Spirit who lives in us. We must not only believe with the mind but we must put action to our faith. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness but His faith was perfected when He obeyed God…
Some of you believe what the Lord has spoken to you but you’ve put no action to it to perfect your faith and bring it to pass. One step of obedience can set you on a new course in life, a destiny designed just for you by your Father. You have an indwelling teacher that knows the end from the beginning of all things pertaining to your life and future. If the Lord leads you to do something; just because your mind can’t wrap around it logically, doesn’t by any means suggest that you’ve not heard the voice of the Lord.

We are in an hour when faith is needed in the Saints more than at any other time in history; I don’t mean faith that believes with the mind only; the devil believes and trembles. I’m talking about faith that obeys, resulting in a fulfilled promise..
I don’t want to be like the children of Israel and miss anything my Father has because I’ve judged Him unfaithful and chose to walk in disbelief and not enter into my inheritance. Those stories are not stories to tickle the ears, entertain the mind or just read to our children; they are examples for us to walk by. What’s the Lord saying to your heart? What has He impressed upon you to do so deeply that it’s moving your spirit man but you’ve not allowed your heart to engage in faith with His will and act upon it; because of this, it’s preventing your faith from being perfected? If it’s being written in you, it’s being asked of you! GO AND OBEY HIS VOICE AND SEE HIS FAITHFULNESS BRING TO PASS WHAT HE’S PROMISED TO YOUR HEART!

We through much tribulation, enter the Kingdom and every blessing from the Lord comes with persecutions so don’t give up when the trial comes to test you, just hold fast to your hope and enjoy His outcome! Love and blessings to you who are in Him. =)

Trust the Lord with all of your heart and lean NOT to your OWN understanding.. IN ALL your ways, acknowledge Him and HE SHALL DIRECT YOUR PATH! AMEN…

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