Worshiping God in spirit; is there a difference between going to church and worshipping in spirit and truth? Absolutely yes, to worship God in spirit means that the very core of your being is dedicated and in pursuit of Jesus Christ. It’s a place in the depths of who you are, that is not satisfied with rituals and traditions, the every day doing of church without the reality of your God’s Presence leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. A worshipper in spirit is only satisfied when heaven invades the atmosphere of their lives. Their inner man has a constant silent cry of; where is my beloved? They’re always seeking, always searching, wanting to hear His voice, over and over again; to bask in His wonderful Presence and be filled with the fruit of heaven itself. It’s a journey that never get’s old for them because in Christ, there is never an end to what is revealed and uncovered. All the hidden mysteries that are in our God, are hidden in His Son Jesus, for those who are hungry enough to seek after them.

Going to church is fine and needful in this last hour, but it will never satisfy our Fathers passion to fellowship with YOU. It’s not a meeting that He desires to come down and fill, so to speak, although He inhabits where we are gathered, because He’s in us. He’s wanting you to press in close enough to Him, so that from within your own spirit, He can manifest His Glory. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “you will neither in Jerusalem or on this mountain worship the Father, for the father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.” Nothing less will do! Mundane church attendance is Satan’s largest weapon again the body of Christ, lukewarmness will never obtain Kingdom manifestation. It’s in the revelation of the Kingdom that lives are changed and people transformed. The woman Jesus met at the well was touched with the Kingdom as He stopped to get a drink of water. He manifested the Kingdom in revealing to her what was in her heart and what was in her past, and in doing so, she was transformed and a whole city touched by the Gospel.

Our Father desires us to gather for strength; to minister one to another out of the grace we have received from Him. We should do this even more as we see the day of the Lord approaching, but His passion and jealousy is over your spirit. He desires you, more than anything else in this earthly realm, He wants you to intimately know Him, and for Him to intimately know YOU. This only happens when your own heart, presses hard towards Him with desire to apprehend Him. Your faith will trigger heavens response and the Father Himself will press towards you. (Draw nigh to God, and He shall draw near to you) It’s not a building made with mens hands that He desires to fill, it’s the spirit that He’s placed within you that He longs to call His home.

Jesus prayed for you to know Him and be one with the Father, the way He is one with the Father. Out of this love relationship your ministry will spring forth, it may not be from behind a pulpit made by man, but it will be from the pulpit of your life. The very life the Father has given to you, to do mighty works for Him. Your works will move from being ritual and man pleasing, to supernatural and God pleasing. Even in the simple things most consider to be the least of all ministries, the Lord will manifest His Glory, because you are filled with Him. Remember this, God has not called you to be a worker, He’s called you to be a Worshiper in spirit, and out of your worship, His Glory will shine forth from your life. Jesus did the works of the Father as a direct result of His intimate fellowship with His Father. We are no less needful of this!

Let’s move from having a religious mindset that thinks going to church, is solely what life in the Kingdom is about and move it over where it belongs; a daily walk of fellowship with your God through His Word, intimacy with His Spirit and obedience to His leading. When we do this, we will manifest the Kingdom, be useful to others as we gather together in His name and reach out to a dying world in need of a real God…..

Pamela Halstead
Midnight Oil Minisitries

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