~Broken to love~

I was just sitting here thinking and praying about broken hearted, lonely people. So many of Gods children are alone in this life and would rather not be, but they’re not sure if they can trust again, feel again or have faith again in a relationship with someone or any kind of relationship for that matter. This is when you must sit before Him and let His Presence minister to those places that need healing. The Father desires us not just to love others but to be loved as well.

Let me give you a small piece of advice.. Don’t pray for God to send you the perfect person; the one who can rescue you because they’ve never had to go through what you have went through. Pray that He sends you someone who’s been shattered like you have and has had to sit at the feet of Jesus to survive and be healed. Only someone who knows the pain of brokenness will have the insight how to care for someone else that’s been broken. Jesus was tempted in all ways so that He could have compassion on our weaknesses. He became a man so that He could be compassionate to our frailties. It’s not perfection you need; but rather its compassion, tenderness, understanding and agape love from the heart of someone who’s shared your pain.

These qualities can be also be found in those who’ve never been hurt before but they’re deeply rooted in those who have tasted death of the heart, but were revived by His abounding love and grace. The heart has amazing capacity to rejuvenate after serious injury, but only when it’s been placed in the hands of the one who created it.. Otherwise, the damage is permanent and it can be a prison to those who’ve not let God heal them. Jesus provides healing for the heart and it is found in seeking Him, loving Him and letting His word bring liberty to your heart.

Being broken simply means that you’ve loved and lost in some way or another. It doesn’t mean your weak, less than or not good enough. Being healed from brokenness doesn’t always mean there will be no scars, but what it does mean is that you are a survivor and ran to the right source for restoration. Now your heart is ready again to be used for what it was created to do, which is to love.

Finding a piece of hand crafted art glass that has been broken and restored, is a greater gift in the hands of the one it’s been placed into, than a new piece, because that piece of glass, crafted by an artisan, survived what should have ended it’s existence. It’s an honor when God gives to you someone He’s restored after nearly being destroyed. He’s trusting you to handle with care and compassion that special vessel of His own making; He knows you will be watchful because you once sat in that same place before Him, needing healed.

Those who have received compassion, mercy, grace and healing are perfect people to also return those same things into your life. Pray effectively, listen closely and love immensely. This life isn’t getting any longer =) Be blessed.. Open your heart to the one whom God sends your way to love you and be loved by you..whether it be friend or intimate love, it’s a valuable asset to any life when the heart is full and giving out of its God given purpose.

Pamela Halstead
Midnight Oil Ministries

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