~The Captives Cry~

This writing is the plight of a soul bound in chains of darkness with no hope in sight. I pray we all can hear the cry of those whom Jesus came to save; those who are bound by Satan and caged in prisons of sin… whether addictions, adulteries, fornications, abuses, abusers, and all manner of evil; I pray we have His heart enough to take the key’s we’ve been given and use them for His Glory..
Be glorified Jesus, your sacrifice was enough for the worst and your love incredible enough for the best of the worst!
A lost souls’ misery has no end without Jesus and left undone, It’s eternal suffering!

I’m living in the stone
A home now all my own,
Bars so cold,
Nights unfold.
I’ve watched, I’ve waited
Doors to open wide,
No hope in sight,
Just a sigh,

The fall of night
No where to hide
No relief in sight.
I run, I run,
just a glimpse of the sun,
just some hope of light,
Break this blackened night.
No where left to turn,
A gash, a wound, a burn.

I think often of love
What it was to hold
Now I’ll never know
Never will behold
The beauty of your face,
At our last embrace.
I’ve seen the broken bars
seen them leave their scars,
Men hope for an escape
When their free
it’s much to late,
The freedom that they seek,
Only makes men weak.
I want the salve, oh
The liberty they have,
Those who aren’t bad.

I hope, I pray for peace,
It leaves me on my knees
Though I don’t know how to die,
I do know how to cry.
Reached with arms too short,
Mission to abort.
The key is hanging there,
With no one left to care.

I know it’s been to long,
I Sang this prisoners song.
Come, oh come to me
Someone set me free.
I beg you on my knees
bring me some relief
It’s dark here in this place
I can no longer see my face
I’ve lost my identity
no one to set me free.
I see the key, by bended knee
To taste sweet victory.

I sigh, I cry,
I lay down wanting to die.
Darkness wins
Hell begins.
Bring me the key,
I’m on bended knee.
Heart’s shattered
Dreams battered.
This stone, my home
My soul, my sin, my groan.

Give me life, let me go
Bring the key I see
On bended knee.
A cross, Dripping blood,
A man, darkness withstood.
A key, I see, on bended knee
Liberty find me, Come to me.
Take my hand, take me, lead me.
Let me be free. I see the key.
Where is He, He holds the Key!
Jesus come to me!~

What are we doing Church? The Lord would say ” Who will go for me? ” Be my hands and feet, bring them liberty by reaching them with my Word and Presence.
Romans 10:15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

Midnight Oil Ministries
Pamela Halstead

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