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Update: Coming Soon




It’s a new season and I have a new reason to press on and continue His purpose for my existence. Old things (hopes, dreams, desires and assignments) are gone and the residue of them have been burned to ashes and scattered to the four winds, but the Lord is the giver of new life and renewed hope and vision. He has put a new song in my imperfect and slightly broken heart (by trials and disappointments) and for that i’m very thankful. It’s time for the light of Jesus/Yeshua to shine even brighter through the remainder of my life. Come Holy Spirit.


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Please pray about helping me to take the Word of the Lord to the Nations of the World through Publishing teaching/preaching Podcasts on YouTube, Podomatic and other hosting sites. There are many costs involved to accomplish what the Lord has spoken to me to do, with equipment purchases, site hosting fees and various other costs. Thank you and may God bless the seeds you sow in love..

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